Gifted Hands Class

(10 years & above)

The Gifted Hands Program is an initiative targeted at skill exploration and transitioning. As we know, our children rely on routines and predictability; however, as they grow older, they need to be prepared for changes and handle big alterations to their schedules and lifestyle. To ease the stress that often accompanies such situations, preparatory activities should be employed to comfort and instill confidence in our children.

To this end, we have introduced the Gifted Hands Program to improve our children’s adaptability, ability to handle transitions and encourage skill exploration. Our children are introduced to functional skills and we help them excel in such.

The program addresses

  • social skill such as initiating and maintain conversation.
  • functional skills such as time management, prioritizing, etc,
  • communication skills 
  • independent living skillsq
  • skill exploration in laundry, painting and cookery activities.
  • personal money management
  • work-related experience

 Our children aged 10 and above are beneficiaries of this program.

Gifted Hands…creativity and independence.