Occupational Therapy

A central theme of occupational therapy for children with additional needs is on skill building and restoration of function through play.  An occupational therapist working with children emphasises on a child’s ability to independently perform daily activities, providing support as appropriate.

At Little Beginnings Academy, our occupational therapists are trained to conduct a variety of standardised and non-standardised assessments, draft an individualised intervention plan and implement evidence-based practice that focuses on improving a child’s overall development.

Working in close conjunction with our communication and Language therapists, developmental and clinical psychologists, special educators and teachers, our team aims to promote optimal functioning by helping children integrate social, emotional, physical, cognitive and environmental aspects of life. We provide children with the necessary tools to overcome barriers to independent performance of daily living activities, school work and play.  

At LBA, we employ evidence-based strategies in a play-based environment. Some of our approaches include: 

  • Ayers Sensory Integration
  • Motor Learning Approach
  • Neuro-Developmental Techniques, among others.

Some of the benefits from your child’s participation in occupational therapy activities include:

  • An improvement in your child’s gross and fine motor skills (standing, sitting, walking, writing, etc.)
  • An increase in their concentration and attention span
  • Improved self regulatory skills
  • Decrease hyperactive behaviours
  • Improved adaptive response to various sensory inputs
  • Improved self help skills
  • Improved motor planning skills.